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Gen AI Capabilities

Explore how our powerful data and conversational AI platforms can elevate your work efficiency and intelligence, empowering you to achieve more with ease.

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Step into the forefront of Conversational AI Innovation!

Unlock the power of next-gen technology with our suite of Conversational AI products that are revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their customers. Our conversational AI-based products, enriched with Gen AI capabilities, are designed to elevate your customer experience, streamline operational efficiencies, boost productivity, and create new revenue streams.

Our Conversational AI Suite of Products

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Conversational BI Platform

Designed with CXOs and Data Analysts in mind, our product empowers you to mine millions of rows of data securely. No more deciphering complex queries or writing intricate code.

Popular Features

  • Search Widget
  • Smart Insights
  • Collaborate
  • Discussion Thread
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Generative AI Assistant

Transform customer experiences across channels effortlessly with our Generative AI Chatbot. Craft delightful and natural conversations that resonate with your audience.

Popular Features

  • Human Escalation
  • Content Summarizer
  • Easy Bot Deployment
  • Gen AI Q&A
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Data Pipeline Platform

Crafted for the Data Engineers of tomorrow. Pull data from any source into the warehouse, manage metadata, and transform data—all without writing a single line of code.

Popular Features

  • Simplified Data Glossary
  • Automatic Schema Generation
  • One-click Invite users
  • Easy Data Upload

Elevate Your Conversational AI Journey

At purpleScape, we put you at the centre of innovation. Our user-centric approach ensures that our products seamlessly integrate into your workflow, empowering your teams to achieve more without unnecessary complexity.

Ready to elevate your data experience? Explore our products and revolutionize the way you engage with data today.

Accelerate Your Conversational AI Journey for Meaningful Business Outcomes

Embark on a transformative conversational AI journey with us! Accelerate your business outcomes by unlocking the power of meaningful interactions. Tailored to your needs, our user-centric approach ensures a seamless and impactful experience. Elevate your conversations, drive engagement, and achieve success – faster and smarter.

Featured Insights and Success Stories


Top Insurance Org Automates Service Interactions with Gen AI

Convenience, a key factor, meets the expectations of today's tech-savvy customers. Our client, a top Indian insurer, aimed to create a holistic digital customer service platform.


Reshaping Customer Service with Generative AI

From more advanced personalization to enhanced problem-solving capabilities, read more about the influence of Generative AI in customer service.

Case Study

Guide to Understanding Advanced RAG Methodologies

By combining search capabilities with LLM prompting, RAG ensures contextually grounded answers. It's a key architecture for LLM systems, powering many data-driven applications from QA services to chatbots.

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